Dr Zografos

Growing up as the youngest of three brothers, it was natural for Dr. Zografos to emulate their actions, whether on the gridiron or in the classroom. When first one brother, then the other, followed their hearts to become chiropractors, Dr. Zografos was exposed to the challenges and rewards of this caring career path at an early age. He was 15 when he first got to do ultrasounds at his oldest brother’s practice. He kept hearing patients talk about how much they loved his brother and it was then he knew his parents were going to have three chiropractor sons in the family. For Dr. Zografos, being able to help people regain their mobility while permanently moving them out of pain is the most rewarding part of being a chiropractor.

Dr Zografos graduated from Washington State University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree.  He then attended the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic graduating with high honors in 1988.  The day after graduation he moved back to the northwest with his wife Debbie and established Kent Sport & Spine in 1989.  Dr Zografos has extensive clinical experience and post graduate training in Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries. He is credentialed in spine, upper extremity and lower extremity ART and has been using the technique in his practice since 1998 to treat his active patient base, ranging from weekend exercise enthusiasts to elite athletes. He has treated many Iron Man triathletes and has been a treating provider at the Iron Man Coeur d’ Alene triathlon event.  

Dr Zografos enjoys biking, hiking, skiing and fly fishing as his favorite past times when not in the office or at a seminar.  He can also be found regularly at the gym when the weather doesn't cooperate which, unfortunately, can be quite often. He and his wife of 27 years, Debbie, live in Kent and have two sons, Nick and Teddy.