Manual Therapy: Dr. Zografos specializes in manual treatment techniques.  He is trained in traditional Chiropractic adjustments as well as a variety of “non thrusting procedures“ so that treatment is tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Your Chiropractic adjustments will be gentle and while they may be uncomfortable in the early stages of treatment, they should never be painful. 

Rehabilitation: Treating the underlying cause of your problem is very important to us. This is accomplished with specific exercises aimed at improving the way your muscles are activated as well as their overall strength. Proper sequencing of muscle activation is a common problem that wont be fixed by adding strength exercises.  Move well and then move often is our “big picture” approach to rehabilitation after injury and before returning to sport. Once a solid platform is established, it is safe to begin adding strength.  Dr. Zografos will help you with a strengthening program or refer you to a strength and conditioning specialist you can trust to move you further along in your goals.

Spider Tech: SpiderTech Tape can be used to treat acute or chronic injuries, as well as to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. In addition to rapidly relieving pain and inflammation, it also enhances activation of muscles, providing a natural boost to performance. 

Massage Therapy:  Addressing tight and restricted soft tissue (muscle, ligaments and fascia) is very important in your healing process.  If this is not addressed, it is likely that your problem will not resolve completely or may return. Our therapists are experienced and highly trained to assist with your recovery. Your care is coordinated with Dr. Zografos or your referring provider to maximize results and not overlap services.