Think of our consulation as a valuable second opinion. And it's complimentary.

If you are suffering from a chronic or sudden injury, consider coming in for a free consultation to discuss your problem and explore the potential course of action required to move you from pain to performance. After filling out a questionnaire to determine your medical history and to assist Dr. Zografos in isolating the cause of your injury, he will then meet with you to further assess your condition and to outline possible treatment scenarios. At this time you may opt to have Dr. Zografos conduct a thorough physical exam that does include a fee. He will then conduct postural, joint and muscle assessments and do proper orthopedic and neurological tests to determine the extent of your affliction and to rule out more serious problems. He will not conduct treatments during this visit – other than to recommend ice or wrappings for pain reduction – but will want to schedule a follow-up visit within the next few days. After gathering any additional reports from other providers and reviewing the findings of your exam, he will outline his recommended course of action and begin treatment on your follow-up visit. You are now on the way to returning to your active lifestyle and activities you love.

What to Expect.

First and foremost welcome to our office!  We appreciate how difficult it may have been to choose a chiropractor and we are truly honored that you're considering us for your chiropractic care.  Here's a rundown of what to expect...