Dr. Zografos' Fat-Melting Diet: Weeks Two and Three

Debbie and Dog

Tuesday, August 27th

Day Eight - Week Two

Beginning around 10 a.m. and increasing until my 1 p.m. feeding time, I was very hungry. I’m starting to feel like my faithful lab Abby who starts to freak if she isn’t fed first thing in the morning. I’ve got no master to beg too. Press on. I am however, feeling a bit lightheaded. A sign that my body is definitely changing to an alternative energy source: fat. It should improve over the course of the week because I’m not giving-in like a pansy arse! 

Saturday, August 31st

Day 13

The first big challenge as College football game day begins with my beloved Cougs kicking off at 4:00PM. After some careful research, it turns out that alcohol in the form of Scotch Single Malt has only 64 calories with 0 grams of Fat, protein or sugar.  Not sure how that is possible but I’m not going to argue. Had four while the Red Hook ESB sat silently in the fridge with its whopping 190 calories and 13g of carbs. Sacrifices had to be made! Did a pretty intense KB workout with 30 and 20 Kg KB’s the hardest of which was carrying the two around the house 2 ½ times, switching hands every ½ lap. The descending ladder cleans starting at 10/side with a 30 kg wasn’t exactly easy either. Also did ladders of presses and racked squats for 5 rounds with 30 swings with the big boy in-between sets. Hey, I deserve some Scotch, man! My Cougs played valiantly but still ended up with a loss. Added misery to company watching the dawgs dismantle Boise State. Not a great day for the cougar nation.

Steak and eggsSunday, September 1st

Day 14

Time to assess our progress or lack there of. We all met for weigh in and body fat check after the morning yoga. I felt good but one of the Scotch participants in attendance, not so much. Every one was down 5-7 pounds of fat including those of us who had fallen significantly off the wagon the eve prior. Encouraging. We get an additional 45g of carbs from low glycemic index foods next week on work out days-to be consumed after the workout. I noticed sweet potatoes on the list. Nice.

Wednesday, September 4th

Day 17 - Week Three

Really missing sweets but holding strong. Just to be sure, my neighbor, who has been on my porch exactly three times in the past eight years, rings the bell at 8pm. He’s holding a bag holding what appears to be doughnuts in a clear plastic bag. “Specialist’s dropped them at my office today and we can’t eat them all. Custom made apparently. “Too good to throw away”. My mind is racing. My wife shoots me the stink eye. Maybe they’ll last the three weeks until our first “cheat day”. Can you freeze the things? 

Thursday, September 5th

Day 18

Feeling a little out of sorts at the gym. Work out partner is out of town for two weeks. Flying solo, which is tough, highlighting the importance of having a good workout partner to keep each other on track. Managed to load up the deadlift bar to 265 after a protracted warm up from 185 to 225 to 245 to 265 for four solid reps (2x2) and back down to 255 for another few reps. Finished off with a superset of incline DB press and chin ups at 5x5. Good enough for me, time to call it a day.

Saturday, September 7thlunch vegetables

Day 20

It's game day for my Cougs down in the LA coliseum. Feeling really good about our chances of winning outright and with a 15 point spread, wondering whom to call to place a bet. Must be a good sign. My nephew got getting married tonight just before the game making the no alcohol portion of the diet very unlikely. Indeed, open bar with Crown Royal made it a pretty straightforward decision. There was a group of six of us huddled around a phone, which was posting updates. Chaos broke lose after the victory. Good thing I had worked out at Vigor Ground in the morning, stockpiling a calorie deficit for just this occasion. My lovely bride not only put up with me but also passed on the See’s chocolate, quinoa and wedding cake. She drank club soda and drove the family home. Amazing resolve. 

Sunday, September 8th

Day 21

Three week mark under our belts. No Yoga today, I think I’m still processing some Crown. Watched the Hawks and read about the Coug victory all morning, reveling in the post game interviews. Not a lot of productivity today. Self declared it a day of rest.

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