Dr. Zografos' Fat-Melting Diet: Week Four

vegetable egg omelet

Monday, September 9

Day 22 - Week Four

I have not been entering data on my phone app, but continue to be golden with the 16/8 and avoidance of calorie dense carbs (breads and sweets). We get 100g of carbs on workout days and 50 on non-work out days as we begin to slowly reintroduce them back into our diet. After a solid workout choosing to go heavy on deadlifts I had a PR at 275 and rattled off two sets of two without struggling too bad. We had Philly Cheese Steak and I devoured it ( a huge portion of sirloin and veggies stuffed into a baguette with the middle section pulled out so it was mostly crust) savoring every bite like a caveman with scraps of meat and debris littered at my feet. First sniff of bread I have had In three weeks. I'm glad the episode didn’t end up on YouTube- I’m not sure anyone would believe the carnage.

Wednesday, September 11

Day 24

Changing up the workout style that I’ve been following for close to three years. Namely, using high weight low volume on the big lifts to encourage strength versus bulk. Long story suitable for a blog post at a later date. I have a goal of Deadlifting two times my bodyweight just because not many people can do that and I think it would be cool. Picked up an eBook from David Dellnave who has a different approach to improving the deadlift. In addition to low-rep high-weights he espouses doing some high volume work, never going past the point of technical failure. Technical failure is “objectified” by biofeedback in its most basic form. Pick a movement and do it before and after the lift. If it improves or stays the same, keep going. If it doesn’t, you’re done. It’s related to function of the central nervous system but again this is the topic of another post. I chose standing toe touch as my feedback. I worked out with Nathan N at 24-hour fitness. He wrestled with my oldest at Kentwood and is currently a grad from UW. I worked out with him anyway :) We loaded up the deadlift bar (after sufficient warm up at lower weights) with 185. He hit his watch and I picked the thing up off the floor for eight solid reps. I did five pull ups and repeated the process another four times for four sets of eight or 32 reps in nine minutes 30 seconds. I was tired and felt my speed significantly drop on the last two reps. Sure enough, my toe touch was significantly less. Time to stop. Handed over the workout to Nathan (have never been trained by a trainer, but stop calling me a control freak!). He proceeded to challenge me with incline BB presses at 105 lbs., 5x5 that was pretty tough. Have not done five sets of five since HS football a couple years ago ;) Always liked it and will do more. He then crushed me with what he called Balboa’s, which I know as Dragon Flags. My abs were screaming at me and I threw up the white flag after a couple sets of three or four very marginal reps. “Now what?” Two point planks of course. I’m gonna be hurting tomorrow.


natural fresh carrotsThursday, September 12

Day 25

Feeling hints of ab soreness, but I managed to get out of bed without a cane.  No patients today but paper work never ends at the office. Still no workout partner (Boeing vacation) so I'm taking the day off. Made a killer dinner with flat iron steak, mushrooms, roasted asparagus, roasted sweet potato fries (we get 50g now on non workout days which works out to about 7 fries) and a huge Greek salad. Deb did not have any fries; she is not following the rules for re-introducing some carbs back into the diet. Made a mental note to discuss, erased the mental note-she doesn’t listen to me and she’s on a roll. Heard a happy scream coming out of the bathroom that I assume was from stepping off the scale. The chia seeds may also be involved but my hunch is the scale. Yep! Should sleep well tonight.


Friday, September 13

Day 26

The hint of ab burning is now a full on five-alarm fire. I’m gonna smack that Husky! Got through the day without screaming out in agony but did make a couple of groans. Took the office staff out to lunch for Teriyaki and opted for the beef and broccoli with out rice; I also got a side of stir-fry veggies that came with rice, it sat by itself-untouched. The food was very shiny, a foolproof indication it was swimming in oil, probably cheap oil that’s not good for you. The spots scattered on my shirt confirmed my suspicions.

The workout built off of Wednesday’s theme. Raised the weight to 205 and did seven sets of five for a total of 35 reps in nine minutes. Following a fancy formula that equates to improvement from Wednesday. Checked my toe touch throughout and as my last set slowed down, there was a significant decrease in my toe touch, almost 4”. Time to stop. Did 5x5 of push/pulling exercises that went well. Thought about dong some TrX ab work but as I went to set up, the fire on my belly was still smoldering. Did some quick biofeedback by bending backward. Hell no my abs said, I could barely bend back past vertical without significant burning pain.  Maybe tomorrow…

One of the nice things about this diet is that with all the fiber (copious amounts of vegetables) things don’t spend a lot of time in the digestive track. My gut was doing somersaults from the lunchtime shenanigans necessitating a rest stop after dinner, not a normal time for me, ever.  Dr. Oz would wax poetically, but I’ll just say, “It didn’t go well. “ Remind me to not eat that for lunch again.

Saturday, September 14ham and egg breakfast

Day 27

Another coug football game today. Tried to mitigate the upcoming liquid challenges with a short and sweet kettle bell workout in the backyard. Which made a dent in the aftermath of a Cougar blow out. Went out to dinner after the game to Jak’s in Issaquah and managed another three microbrews and a clean dinner of a giant sirloin that looked all the size of a softball and a plate of veggies. Refrained from the sourdough bread since I had already drunk my share of carbs for the day.Great night. Tomorrow is weigh-in day after four weeks.


Sunday, September 15

Day 28 - End of Week Four

Met for number crunching after a nice session of Yoga. The two-week vacationers notched a small victory by maintaining their weight despite their travels. Lisa was down 13 pounds with a 5% drop in body fat. Nice! My body fat is down to 13.5% with very little drop in weight, exactly what I was looking for. We discussed the next four-week segment that will continue with the 16/8 intermittent fast with a cheat day starting next Sunday. Monday will be a 24 hour fast which will actually be closer to 36-40 hours because the next meal wont be until Tuesday around 1 p.m. A small 400-calorie meal on Monday evening is acceptable that put the participants at ease, at least a little. Being the perfectionist I am, I plan on keeping the fast if at all possible. Patients might not want to schedule for a treatment Tuesday morning. I might not be at full speed (just kidding). Cheat day rules:

1. No gorging. Stop when you are full

2. Eat anything you want guilt free!

3. Throw away any junk you don’t consume on Sunday to avoid temptation.

Thoughts of chocolate covered doughnuts immediately filled my mind. Stopped at QFC to pick up some ham for breakfast and was stopped cold in my tracks. A large case of Top Pot doughnuts just off to my left. I honed in like a laser beam on the chocolate ones. I’ll see you on Sunday mister!! Gorged on a six egg omelet with spinach, onions, peppers tomatoes, pesto and goat cheese with 4 oz. of ham and ½ cup of sweet potatoes fried in a tablespoon of coconut oil - nice. That's 650 calories leaving only 470 for the rest of the day. Looks like flat iron steak and veggies for supper. No workout. No abnormal signals from the abs today. Will hit them hard again tomorrow at workout.

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