2013 Holiday Health and Fitness Gift Guide

Nike+ FuelBand SE $149  Tracks calories, steps, and Nike Fuel points and sleep. It also aims to improve calorie burn and Fuel point accuracy with a new feature that allows you to log different types of workout sessions (such as yoga or weight lifting). The water-resistant FuelBand SE syncs automatically with the iPhone app. Perfect for the active athlete or family member working on improving their health. 

Playing it Safe in the Yard

Fall and winter is a great time to hurt your back slaving away in your field of dreams. The problem with yard work is two-fold. One, the yard, for the most part, is on the ground which is a long way from your spine. Two, the yard is full of heavy things that must be picked up, carried and dumped which typically involves the dreaded BLT of back injuries. Bending, lifting and twisting. Combining these two problems can be risky, but follow these simple rules and stay clear of a major mishap.

Keep a neutral spine

Injuries most commonly occur not from lifting but from poor positioning of the spine during lifting or repetitive bending.  Keep a tall spine while hinging at the hips and knees instead of bending (rounding) at the spine.

Back to School

How to avoid your children being crushed by their backpacks.

The Problem…

There has been a lot of concern of late about the potential problems with our children carrying heavier and heavier backpacks to school. Studies indicate that it’s not uncommon for kids to be carrying packs weighing up to 30% of their body weight. To give you a reference point, that’s like a 50-pound load for a 150-pound male and 40 pounds for a 130-pound female. If you haven’t carried a backpack that heavy in a while, you’ll have to take my word for it. That’s very heavy. Studies also indicate that of those carrying loads up to 22% of their body weight, 60% report low back pain. Shoulder and neck complaints are also very common.

Dr. Zografos' Fat-Melting Diet: Weeks Two and Three

Tuesday, August 27th

Day Eight - Week Two

Beginning around 10 a.m. and increasing until my 1 p.m. feeding time, I was very hungry. I’m starting to feel like my faithful lab Abby who starts to freak if she isn’t fed first thing in the morning. I’ve got no master to beg too. Press on. I am however, feeling a bit lightheaded. A sign that my body is definitely changing to an alternative energy source: fat. It should improve over the course of the week because I’m not giving-in like a pansy arse! 

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