Our first goal is to determine the source of your pain and get you moving again.

That’s the easy part! Our second and most important goal is to determine why this area of your body has started hurting or has stopped functioning. Many times, the painful area is not the area of primary dysfunction. This can only be determined by skillful functional evaluation of the entire body from “head to toe”.

We take a close look at three main areas, Mobility, Stability, and Strength to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to take you to the next level. If these underlying causes aren’t addressed, there’s a good chance you will be injured again in the future, or you will continue to lose the ability to perform normally.

Mobility issues: Bad posture and faulty movement patterns lead to abnormal stress on tissues which results in shortened muscles and restricted joints. 

We use a variety of techniques to get your spine moving properly including adjustments (manipulation), mobilization, and mobility exercises. For restricted soft tissues Dr. Zografos utilizes ART, which is a highly specific, and effective treatment method to get your soft tissue moving properly. He may also refer you for massage therapy with one of our talented and experienced therapists.

Stability: Once better mobility has been established stability is the next step to recovery. 

This all begins at the core (spine) and from there is expanded out to the rest of the body. Without core stability there is no stability. Think of trying to shoot a shotgun out of a moving canoe. Someone is going to get hurt!

Strength: Once the core is trained to be stable, then it’s ready to get stronger.

Again, we start at the spine and begin training out to hips, shoulders, knees, etc. Specific corrective exercises and specific training for basic movement patterns of squatting, lifting, and reaching are incorporated to improve how your body functions from the ground up. We really want to decrease the likelihood that you will be hurt again in the future.